A Moment in time…For Love Eternal.

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There are times that we love… there are times that we learn. We must treat others with respect. A moment in time is all that we have. If you truely love someone you must let them know.  You never know when that moment in time will come to an end.  remember there is always a moment in time to experience Love Eternal.  If you have love now.. make sure that you pay close attention to Love ..as you would a garden that yields fruits and vegtables.  As food nurishes our bodies…to give us energy.

True Love nurishes our soul to help our spirits soar Giving us

“Love that is Eternal”


“The Power and Magic of Music”

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The Power and Magic of Music is Universal.  The sound and frequency of music leaves a lasting impression on us all. Good or bad. As we mature we learn that we may experience lasting healing from certain sounds and vibrations.

Its all a learning experience. It is a known fact that our entire being responds to different sounds and vibrations. Hence the good, the bad, and the ugly. If we tune into and surround ourselves with “Healing Harmonies from the Universe”  We may experience more deeply the vibrations of love and understanding.

The Music of Rockman Jackson

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“The Universe Vibrates With the Sound of Love”

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Aikido is a Path to
Health and Vitality with
Powerful Ki Energy

Every living thing in nature and the universe has Ki (life force energy). The most effective method to achieve optimum health and vitality is to study ways to make this powerful energy even stronger in us.

There are many ways of developing positive health and it is essential to look at all of these methods in order to reach a state of harmony and balance in our lives.

You can learn how to use this positive energy in an efficient and effective way to heal and protect yourself from an invasion of negative energy vibrations.

In Japan many students practice their Aikido ki breathing techniques in extreme weather conditions without fear of becoming cold as they have balance and co-ordination of mind and body.

Positive Use
Of The Mind

By concentrating ki into the One Point in the lower belly you are pouring your energy outwards. In aikido training you must focus on constantly extending your Ki outwards to make your techniques effective.

To extend your energy outwards is to use your life force in a positive way. As soon as you become distracted from this you stop the flow and begin to bring negative energy inwards which makes you weak.

The influence and power of Mind over Body helps you to use the mind in a positive way. The state of the mind, if allowed to dwell on negative thoughts, can influence the chemistry of the cells of the body causing your own ill health and possible dis-ease.

If you can feel strongly that although your body is under par or ill, your mind is free, then you can chase the illness away to become strong again. This can be achieved through the use of mind power and positive ki.

If you become worried or tense about potential illness, disease or death, you can focus your mind on the ‘One Point’ in the lower belly and use powerful positive ki to influence and effect your life for the better.

In Aikido we believe that we are born from the universe and will return to the ki after our mission in life is completed. Looking at life in this way we can see that the practise, theory and principles of Aikido are one of the best ways to experience health and vitality.

Relaxation And…
Positive Use Of The Body

To experience Health and Vitality you must have a balanced development of all of your muscles and vital organs. This means that the exercise routine you choose should stimulate and invigorate all of your cells.

In Aikido, we practise the movements and techniques equally on both sides of the body to be more balanced in our surrounding environment. Using hands, legs, hips and head with mind and body co-ordinated will develop the whole body, muscles and inner organs.

Aikido practise is designed to keep the mind concentrated in the one point and relax the body, becoming more soft and flexible which makes us stronger. If we can learn to relax the body in front of our ‘enemy’ then we have won 80% of the battle. This is the most difficult time to relax.

The more we can focus mind power on the ‘One Point’, the more we can relax, making the body soft and flexible. This allows us to extend our Ki and life force power outwards.

If you can live your daily life with your body relaxed you will not get tired easily and can use your energy resources more efficiently and effectively. Relaxed you have more positive energy and are vigorous, tensed you have more negative energy and are exhausted.

Aikido Is The…
Natural Extension Of The Body

Laughter makes you more Relaxed and anger makes you more tense. To enjoy good health and vitality, stop being angry, relax and laugh more.

The human body is soft when it is born and throughout infancy. The older it becomes the more tense and stiff it gets until the end of it’s life. Through relaxation the body and mind can stay young and healthy.

Most of the techniques of aikido aim to bend the joints of the body in their natural direction. This way we do not force our ‘training partner’ to make unreasonable movements. This follows the laws and principles of nature and the universe, and is good for our health and vitality.

Some of the exercises like nikajo or kote gaeshi, tend to be painful in the beginning. As you become more experienced, your wrists become stronger and more flexible reducing the pain and increasing the enjoyment of training. Older or stiffer people can train in the solo exercises (Aiki Taiso).